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Humpback Whale Watching

Day visit from Guayaquil:

Yes, often done so.

Driving time from Guayaquil:

More or less 4 hrs. per way.

What is it?

Humpback Whales migrate to the Ecuadorial coast from the south, to flee the harsh Antartic winter time in warm waters. In front of the Ecuatorian coast they mate, jump, and eat from June to September, going all the way up to the Esmeraldas coast, in the north of the country. Puerto Lopez is the place where all the whale watching tours take place. Is amazing to see this animals close by, and see the splendour of their mating ritual display.

What can you do there?

Whale watching.

Possible / Suggested Overnight Town:

Puerto Lopez, La Libertad, Motañita, Manta, Guayaquil.