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Montañita Village

Day visit from Guayaquil:

Yes, often done so.

Driving time from Guayaquil:

More or less 3.5 hrs. per way.

What is it?

It is a well know destination for surfing and some adventure activities. Montañita used to be a "hippy" town until not so long ago, a very relaxed and small tourism destination in the coast, well suited for the party-relaxed traveller. Now a days the village has grown, it is better organized and you find all sort of services, for any budget. One thing: don't plan a visit there on local vacation days, it is crowded with people.

What can you do there?

Surfing, sun and beach (between December and May), relaxing.

Possible / Suggested Overnight Town:

Montañita, Puerto Lopez, La Libertad, Guayaquil.