Floreana Arrival Day from Santa Cruz and Black Beach

Half day visit in Floreana:

Yes, often done so.

Boat riding time from Puerto Ayora:

More or less 3 hrs. per way.

General itinerary for the day

OToday you will have an open morning to do any activity in Santa Cruz for hal a day, and then after lunch at around 14h00, depart Puerto Ayora towards Puerto Velasco Ibarra. The public boat ride takes 16 - 24 people (depends on the boat), and reaches Floreana in the late afternoon. You might have enough time to enjoy the last hours of the day by the beach in Floreana.

What can you do today?

Sightseeing, small hike, bird watching, animal observation, swimming, snorkeling.

Possible / Suggested Overnight Town:

Puerto Velasco Ibarra.