Floreana Highland and Sea Lions Colony

Full day visit in Floreana:

Yes, often done so for a full day activity.

Driving time from Puerto Velasco Ibarra to highlands:

More or less 25 min. per way.

General itinerary for the day

Today after breakfast we will depart in one of the local buses or "chivas" (an open wooden bus-truck), towards the highlands of this history-reach island. After our relatively short drive upwards, we will stop in the area called Asilo de Paz to visit some of the giant tortoises that are kept in captivity in order to prevent them to mix further with other tortoises, and produce unknow hybrids, and afterwards we will visit the famous caves carved in the volcanic stone, made originally by pirates and bucaneers, and used later by the many first unsuccessfull inhabitants that the island had, and afterwards the permanent ones, including the Wittmer Family. In the afternoon, and after lunch, we will do a short hike towards one of the locan sea lions nursery to see the animals, enjoy the landscapes, and perhaps do some snorkeling to see marine turtles.

What can you do today?

Sightseeing, small hike, bird watching, animal observation, snorkeling.

Possible / Suggested Overnight Town:

Puerto Velasco Ibarra.