Isabela Tunnels Navigable Excursion

Full day visit from Isabela:

Yes, always done so.

Boat riding time from Puerto Villamil:

More or less 1.5 hrs. per way.

General itinerary for the shared day excursion

We will depart early in the morning towards the west of the island, on a small fishermen boat. After the fifth beach, we reach the point called "Los Tuneles" or Tunnels, where you have amazing lava formations. You can do snorkeling underneed the lava bridges, and see amazing marine life, over all, sea turtles that use this place to relax from the ocean currents, and mate. The access to this place is through a small gap between lava under water walls, so it is recommendable only to do it between January to May, when the ocean is calmed.

What can you do today?

Sightseeing, small hike, bird watching, snorkeling, animal observation.

Possible / Suggested Overnight Town:

Puerto Villamil.