Isabela Wall of Tears Wetlands and Tortoise Center

Full day visit in Isabella:

Yes, often done so.

Driving time from Puerto Villamil:

More or less 20 min. per way.

General itinerary for the day

This full day is ideal for a hike in the lowlands, with many photography stops on the way. First we will take a car/bus ride until the last point where it is permitted to drive too, inside the Galapagos Park. Afterwards we walk for 1.5 hrs. per way, all the way to the end of the road, watching maybe reintroduced young land tortoises, and many other bird species. After reaching the "Wall of Tears" we learn about the history of the penal colony used to work here 60 years ago. Comming back we stop in different interesting spots along the way, to observe flora and fauna, and talk about it. We get back to the village for lunch, and fter lunch you will be walking with your local guide from the hotel to the tortoise breeding center, aproximately 2.5 km per way. As you get into the wooden path over the wetlands, you might see some of the coastal bird species that migrate and live permanently in Galapagos, and maybe with luck, also flamingos. In the tortoise breeding center you will be explained what is done there to restore tortoises populations, and then you have time to walk back to the hotel the same way, maybe taking some more shots from what is there to see. 

What can you do today?

Sightseeing, hiking, bird watching, animal observation.

Possible / Suggested Overnight Town:

Puerto Villamil.