San Cristobal Kicker Rock

Full day visit from San Cristobal:

Yes, often done so.

Boat riding time from Puerto Baquerizo Moreno:

More or less 1 hrs. per way.

General itinerary for the day

OWe depart early in the morning this day, and slowly make our way towards Kicker Rock or "Leon Dormido", watching sea birds near the shore of San Cristobal. Our first stop is Isla Lobos, a small islet separated by a channel from the main islando. There we get in the water and test our snorkeling equipment, as we swimm between 15 and 45 minutes. After all get back in the boat, we drive towards Kicker Rock, and after circleing it, we get in the water to let the current take us through the channel in this eroded tuf islet. We might see incredible things as we experience this almost-oper-water swimm. Afterwards we get in the boat and ride towards Playa Ochoa, our last stop before we get back to pier, where we will eat, swimm and relax at this nice sandy beach.  

What can you do today?

Sightseeing, small hike, bird watching, animal observation, snorkeling.

Possible / Suggested Overnight Town:

Puerto Baquerizo Moreno.