Sani Lodge

Class: Tourist Superior *** | Departure from: Quito + or - Flying Time: 45 min. | Driving Time: 10 min. | Canoe Ride: 3 hrs.

About it

Sani Lodge pairs a full service, first class jungle expedition with ecologically friendly tourism. Sani Lodge is 100% owned and operated by the indigenous Sani Isla Kichwa community of Ecuador. Your stay in this ecotourism project will enable native people to protect the fragile Ecuadorian jungle ecology and promote better education and employment opportunities within the community.

What can you do there?

Upon arrival your itinerary will be coordinated together with you and a representative of the lodge, depending on your interest, the weather conditions and other circumstances. This are the usual activities offered by the lodge:
  • Guided tours to Yasuni National Park (Sani Isla territory) (US$ 25 extra cost) 
  • Possibility of exploration both south and north of Napo River (Exclusive in our lodge). This experience gives the tourist the chance of knowing much more of the biodiversity that the Ecuadorian Amazon has to offer 
  • Special programs for Birders. Our territory is home of more than 550 species of birds and our native guides have great and specialized knowledge in guiding and finding unique species. For instance, we offer in a specialized program the search of the “Rufous Potoo”, species that has been only identified in our territory 
  • Special programs for universities 
  • We have opened the possibility for campers in a beautiful spot 2 min. canoe ride from the lodge 
  • Yasuni National Park entrance fee and fee for Parrots Salt Liks (US$ 10 extra costs) 
  • Visit to Pañacocha, where you can spot monkeys, fish piranhas, and swim with dolphins 
  • Night watch of insects and caimans 
  • Visit the community centre and a native house 
  • Canoe the Challuaya 
  • Fishing


  • Monday: 5 days/4 nights 
  • Friday: 4 days/3 nights 
If you want to get in and/or out of the Lodge on other days, there is an extra fee of $120 (2 ways) in case of less than 6 passengers or a stay from less than 6 day.


  • The maximum capacity is 45 passengers. 
  • 13 Private cabanas with twin beds or queen beds. It is also possible to add a bed if families arrive. All cabanas are equipped with a modern bathroom and showers. 
  • Hot water has to be heated by solar energy in special backs 
  • All cabanas have a small balcony 
  • Electric lights 
  • Fly-screen in the windows and mosquito nets protect you against mosquitoes
  • There is also a camping area for the passengers


  • Bar and Lounge Area 
  • Restaurant 
  • Shop where you can buy Sun cream, batteries, mosquito repellent 
  • Little library 
  • Camping area with hammocks available 
  • Bird watching tree (30 m high) 
  • Internet connection ( US$ 5,70 for one hour) 
  • Safety deposit box 
  • Laundry service 
  • Canoes for the passengers